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President Trump has made more than 1,000 false or misleading statements

In early August, the president crossed a new benchmark — over 1,000 false or misleading claims. According to The Fact Checker's calculation, he...

‘Trump Likes To Keep His Villains Close,’ Says Author of Book About POTUS, Bannon (Video)

Was Steve Bannon’s top billing over Donald Trump on a newly released book cover partly to blame for his ouster as White House chief strategist? On...

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Surveillance Video Shows Intense Robbery At Natomas Convenience Store

With one hand aimed at the clerk, the gunman pulls out giant bags from his pants with other, as the clerk is tied up and forced to the floor.

LISTEN: Furious Trump supporter leaves an unhinged racist rant on Chicago CEO’s voicemail

In Chicago, an executive of Indian heritage proved that to racists, money and status matter less than skin color. As the Chicago Tribune reports,...

Boaters Catch Video Of Bear As It Swims Across Maryland Lake

Some boaters in western Maryland are caught off guard by an unexpected sight in the water.

Baltimore official: 3rd body camera video may show 'questionable' police conduct

A new body camera video that appears to show "questionable activity" by a Baltimore police officer has come to light, the Baltimore State...

Hannity: It's time to come together as a country

It's time to stop spreading this false narrative against Trump because all it's doing is tearing the country apart

Thousands flock to Charleston to see last leg of the eclipse

Millions of Americans converged on a narrow corridor in South Carolina to watch the moon blot out the midday sun Monday for a glimpse of the first...

Hannity: Trump offers a new vision for US foreign policy

The president's position on Afghanistan is based on principled realism

Amb. Bolton: Afghanistan will be won or lost in Pakistan

On 'Hannity,' Fox News contributor says Trumps plan is a dramatic change from the Obama administration

‘It wasn’t morally ambiguous — it was morally wrong’: Tapper nails Ryan’s tepid disavowal of Trump’s remarks

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday cornered Paul Ryan over Donald Trump’s sluggish repudiation of white supremacists following the neo-Nazi march in...

Graham: I am proud Trump made a national security decision

South Carolina lawmaker predicts bipartisan support for the Afghanistan proposal

‘Chest-thumping, robotic appeal to bloodlust’: Olbermann blasts Trump’s latest hawkish policy in Afghanistan speech

In the opening lines to Monday night’s installment of “The Resistance,” Keith Olbermann said what we’ve all been thinking watching the president...

CNN Town Hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Jake Tapper

House Speaker Paul Ryan takes questions following President Donald Trump’s speech on the US’ next move in Afghanistan, alongside CNN host Jake Tapper...

Leftists Smash Christopher Columbus Monument

Leftist vandals in Baltimore, Maryland, smashed a 225-year-old "racist" monument to discoverer of the new world Christopher Columbus with a...