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State senators must ask tough question of PUC nominees

There are some indications that Clifford Rechtschaffen, one of Gov. Jerry Brown’s two latest appointments to the state Public Utilities Commission,...

Feinstein still effective, so why should she quit?

None of the host of ultra-liberal Democrats who would love to succeed her makes the direct argument that at 84 — she’ll be one year older by next...

Is safe drinking water fee all wet?

Nearly all California residents receive water that meets federal and state standards for safe drinking water, but for some people who live in...

Letters: Which side are you on?

Re: “Trump fails test of leadership, chance to unite” [Opinion, Aug. 20]: In your editorial you state that most have rightly criticized President...

Letters: Overpriced eclipse glasses

Re: “Need eclipse glasses? Some 7-Eleven stores have them” [News, Aug. 20]: I appreciated the article on 7-Eleven selling eclipse glasses. However,...

So, You Want to Remove Your Town's Confederate Monuments

Lessons learned from New Orleans's long but ultimately successful effort to unseat its rebel statues.

Column: Children’s mental health critical

Too many U.S. children fail to receive the mental health care they need        

Column: Public education a basic right

The state has recently increased its investments in the Detroit Public Schools, but it is simply not enough        

Opinion: Time for the Navy to take a knee

CNNOpinion3 hours
Sometimes you have to take a knee. Even in the crunch of a crisis. Even when it's the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, you have to pause,...

Editor’s Note: Let Columbus stand proud

If Columbus is a villain, then every immigrant who followed him to America is in the same boat, Finley says        

Hannity: It's time to come together as a country

It's time to stop spreading this false narrative against Trump because all it's doing is tearing the country apart

Hannity: Trump offers a new vision for US foreign policy

The president's position on Afghanistan is based on principled realism

Whitlock: Why aren't NFL players opposing Kaepernick?

Fox Sports 1 host Jason Kaepernick disagrees with Max Kellerman's suggestion that white players should be in solidarity and not stand for the...

Civil Rights Commission refuses to condemn Antifa violence

Liberals refuse to acknowledge the very real problem of left-wing violence and intolerance of opposing views as petition to label Antifa a terror...

Tucker: Questions we should be asking about Afghanistan

Tucker's Thoughts: Here are some questions we should be asking as Pres. Trump outlines a path forward for Afghanistan: What is the US objective...