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Secret Service running out of money to protect Trump, family

The cost of protecting the president and the extended first family, who have traveled extensively for business and vacations, has strained the Secret...

Aliquippa Police Issue Warning About Counterfeit Bills

Police are warning store owners to be on the lookout for some counterfeit money that is circulating around the area.

Good Samaritan picks up tab for firefighters' breakfast in Morgan Hill

A good Samaritan treated firefighters to breakfast in Morgan Hill but they can't thank the person because they don't know who he or she is.

LISTEN: Furious Trump supporter leaves an unhinged racist rant on Chicago CEO’s voicemail

In Chicago, an executive of Indian heritage proved that to racists, money and status matter less than skin color. As the Chicago Tribune reports,...

Portugal Dominated Angola for Centuries. Now the Roles Are Reversed.

Money flowing into Portugal is coming from a former colony. And while Angola is often cited for corruption, Portugal has been singled out for its...

Martin Shkreli Was ‘His Own Worst Enemy,’ Juror Says

The jury thought Mr. Shkreli committed fraud, a juror said, but did not find “that he had the intent and purpose” to cause anyone to lose money.

Plan to distribute marijuana tax money rankles CCSD official

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky dislikes the state’s setup to distribute revenue from marijuana taxes and fees, because the money raised in Southern...

Denver City Council approves groundwork for Emily Griffith project subsidy

Denver has laid the groundwork to kick in tax money as part of the redevelopment of downtown's former Emily Griffith Opportunity School block.

The Coach In The AP Preseason Top 10 With The Most Money On The Line in 2017

College football coaches make plenty of money in base salary, but the best of the best have much more on the line in performance bonuses.

Man robs Madras bank amid solar eclipse crowds

The man walked into the U.S. Bank, 42 Southwest C St., just before 2 p.m. Monday and demanded money, according to a police statement. An employee...

Which charities have canceled galas at Mar-a-Lago Club? How much money is at stake? Catch up on the story with our Q&A

Mar-a-Lago is facing an unusually slow season. Even before the exodus, it had only 16 galas on the schedule for next winter, as compared to 21 in the...

Trump administration halted a study of mountaintop coal mining's health effects

A key National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine study on coal mining in the Appalachian Mountains is under review over whether it...

Jury awards a record $417M in lawsuit linking Johnson & Johnson baby powder to cancer

A hospitalized woman claimed the talc in the company’s iconic baby powder causes ovarian cancer        

Secret Service says it will run out of money to protect Trump and his family Sept. 30

Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress say they are working on a legislative fix that could be permanent.

The Solar Eclipse Cost the U.S. Economy a Huge Amount of Money

The hit to employee productivity was worse than March Madness but not as bad as James Comey.