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China Says McCain Collision Shows U.S. Naval Patrols Are Threat to Safety

China’s response to a U.S. warship’s collision with a cargo vessel off Singapore carried a vibe of vindication for its past warnings about a rising...

US military leaders stress need for joint drills

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The Latest on the start of the annual U.S.-South Korea war games (all times local):

What trans soldier Albert Cashier can teach Trump about patriotism

When Trump moved to ban trans people from serving in the US military, he ignored the long history of trans soldiers fighting for their country –...

How Trump swallowed a bitter Afghanistan pill

The president didn't want to send more troops into a 16-year-old conflict — until his military men convinced him the risks were too great.

Las Vegas Strip tribute remembers Jerry Lewis

These days, Donny and Marie Osmond occupy the Flamingo showroom, but at 7:49 p.m. Monday — 19:49 in military time, the same year Martin and Lewis hit...

World reacts to Trump's speech on new Afghanistan strategy

Global reaction to President Donald Trump's speech on the new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan: An Australian military analyst says Trump's...

Trump Leans on Afghanistan Tactics That Failed Under Bush, Obama

President Donald Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy -- more troops, pressure on Pakistan and diplomatic outreach to the Taliban -- relies on tactics...

Good Question: Where Are America’s Troops Deployed?

According to the Defense Manpower Data Center, there are currently 2.1 million people serving in the U.S. military.

View from Afghanistan after President Trump's address

The U.S. military has been in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years. Will an increase in troops make a difference? Charlie D'Agata reports from Kabul.

Trump prepares the US for open-ended war in Afghanistan

US president Donald Trump laid out the US’s new strategy in Afghanistan in a speech from Virginia’s Fort Myer military base on Monday evening,...

'The next 9/11 will be your fault': Lindsey Graham delivers warning to naysayers against Trump's plan

Following President Donald Trump's speech outlining his plan to increase the US military's presence in Afghanistan, Sen. Lindsey Graham of...

On Afghanistan's front lines, US commanders await more men

TACTICAL BASE GAMBERI, Afghanistan (AP) — Deep in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, on the front lines against Taliban and Islamic State fighters...

President Trump Addresses the Nation on His Future Strategy in Afghanistan

Declaring the U.S. will win “in the end,” President Donald Trump vowed Monday night to keep American troops fighting in Afghanistan despite …

Trump calls for racial unity in Afghanistan speech

Trump took another shot at setting the right tone on hate in America, using the military as an example of racial unity.

Will Anyone Care About Trump's (Barely Different) Afghanistan War Plan?

Pull out. Stay in. Double down. It’s the military’s war until elected officials make it America’s war. And Americans won’t care by Wednesday, anyway.