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Tender Photos of Black Men That Redefine Masculinity

Emerging artist Shikeith Cathey's first European solo exhibition challenges the way America sees black men and the way black men see themselves.

CSA Members Speak Out in Support of Casting Directors Accused of Charging Actors for Auditions

More than 90 members of the Casting Society of America have signed an open letter decrying the LA City Attorney's "misguided"...

America Is Out of Ideas in Afghanistan

Only one thing was clear after President Trump’s vague speech: Nobody knows what to do.

Trump Leans on Afghanistan Tactics That Failed Under Bush, Obama

President Donald Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy -- more troops, pressure on Pakistan and diplomatic outreach to the Taliban -- relies on tactics...

Good Question: Where Are America’s Troops Deployed?

According to the Defense Manpower Data Center, there are currently 2.1 million people serving in the U.S. military.

Community group holds discussion on racism in Columbus and America

People described feeling anger, disgust, sadness and fear after watching the footage of the white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virg…

Editor’s Note: Let Columbus stand proud

If Columbus is a villain, then every immigrant who followed him to America is in the same boat, Finley says        

Trump’s ‘America First’ Base Unhappy with Flip-Flop Afghanistan Speech

President Trump’s "America First" base was the biggest loser of Trump’s speech on Afghanistan Monday night, and many quickly expressed...

'The next 9/11 will be your fault': Lindsey Graham delivers warning to naysayers against Trump's plan

Following President Donald Trump's speech outlining his plan to increase the US military's presence in Afghanistan, Sen. Lindsey Graham of...

Tuesday's TV highlights: 'The Fosters' on Freeform

SERIES America's Got Talent Twelve acts perform in this new episode. 8 p.m. NBC The Fosters Lena’s parents return for a visit; Callie and Aaron...

Trump outlines strategy for America's longest war

President George W. Bush first sent American troops to Afghanistan to target al Qaeda following the 9/11 attacks. Now, 8,400 U.S. troops remain there...

Lindsey Graham proud of Trump's decision: 'The gloves are off inside of Afghanistan'

Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., appeared on Fox News after President Trump’s speech Monday to offer full-throated praise for America’s comprehensive...

US Air Force Hires Two Firms to Start Developing America's Next ICBM

Boeing and Northrop Grumman have each received deals to start developing a replacement for the Minuteman III.

Trump calls for racial unity in Afghanistan speech

Trump took another shot at setting the right tone on hate in America, using the military as an example of racial unity.

Will Anyone Care About Trump's (Barely Different) Afghanistan War Plan?

Pull out. Stay in. Double down. It’s the military’s war until elected officials make it America’s war. And Americans won’t care by Wednesday, anyway.