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Submit your photos for our new book on Detroit's history

Our hardcover photo book, "Detroit Memories," will set its sights back to Detroit's beginnings -- from the early 1800s to 1940.        

Details surrounding 2001 Shannon Paulk slaying as mysterious as ever

No one has ever been charged in her death, which has become the most infamous case in Prattville’s history.         

Starbucks's Howard Schultz: 'We Are at a Critical Juncture in American History'

Starbucks former CEO and current chairman spoke about Charlottesville at an employee forum in Seattle.

Timeline of events surrounding foiled OKC bombing plot

Darla Slipke Earlier this week, authorities arrested a man who they allege tried to blow up a downtown Oklahoma City bank building.  Jerry Drake...

When (and When Not) to Fight With Fascists

Britain’s history of confrontational encounters with far-right groups shows that aggressive tactics work — but only to a point.

A Brief History of Romantic Love and Why It Kind of Sucks

Some people say in this age of ghosting and swipe-right, that romance is dead. Romance is not dead. It’s merely being postponed.

Bruce Forsyth, long-running British host whose career spanned the history of TV, dies at 89

Bruce Forsyth, a legendary entertainer, host and quizmaster on English television whose career spanned the history of TV, has died. The BBC announced...

Man Sums Up Why We Don’t Need Confederate Statues In One Perfect Tweet

Writer Jamil Smith has an excellent retort for “folks worried about erasing history.”

Red Sox owner wants to rename Yawkey Way

The street named for former owner Tom Yawkey is now being seen as visual reminder of team's racist history

Boston Red Sox owner considering changing Yawkey Way to ease history of racial intolerance

The owner of the Boston Red Sox said he plans to ask the city to rename Yawkey Way in an effort to ease the ballclub’s history of racial intolerance.

Russell Simmons to President Trump: 'Wake the f--- up'

The Trump name will come to be regarded in U.S. history as a wannabe dictator surrounded by bigots and money-hungry wolves.

Eclipstory: A Q&A about the history of eclipses in Wyoming

As far as historians can tell, humankind has been tracking and marveling in solar eclipses for thousands of years.

Eye in the Sky: Thomas Edison and the Eclipse of 1878

If you're out strolling at midday on August 21 and the sun starts to disappear, don't be alarmed – it’s not Armageddon (we hope). It's...

The Difference Between George Washington and Robert E. Lee

The former helped created the United States of America; the latter betrayed it.

What do Confederate statues stand for, and should they be removed? (6 letters)

A public monument is not a piece of history, but exists to honor someone or something. Thus any monument to the Confederacy is an endorsement of...