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4 police officers among 5 injured in East Garfield Park crash

Chicago fire officials said four Chicago police officers were injured in a two-car crash Friday night.

Several GOP governors voice doubt about health-care bill just released by Senate

The governors lead Medicaid expansion states, which could lose millions of federal dollars.

SeaWorld subject of federal probes related to CNN’s ‘Blackfish’ documentary

(CNN Money) — SeaWorld revealed in a public filing Friday that two federal agencies are investigating the company for matters related to CNN’s “Blackfish” documentary. The company said it’s the subject of separate probes — one...

Johnny Depp, Dave Chapelle, and Tim Allen: ‘Only Trying To Amuse’ So Why So Serious? [Opinion]

Johnny Depp, Dave Chapelle, and Tim Allen are all suffering for their sense of humor or their attempts at humor, and they aren’t the only ones. Reactions to humor are just so complicated by PC it is impossible for comedians to...

Father arrested months after son went missing

The father of a 5-year-old boy whose disappearance prompted a monthslong search across Southern California has been arrested on suspicion of murder, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

2 killed after SUV fleeing police hits another vehicle in Englewood

Two people were killed after a vehicle being pursued by Chicago police crashed into another vehicle in the Englewood neighborhood Saturday morning.

Splash 'dancing' at the zoo with Zola the gorilla

There seems to be a lot more going on behind the scenes at the Dallas Zoo -- including some splashy dance moves by Zola the gorilla.

Look Up! Total Solar Eclipse First In 99 Years To Sweep Width Of US

No tickets are required for this Monday matinee, just special eclipse glasses so you don't ruin your eyes.

German court removes 3 judges in Auschwitz trial over bias

A German court has removed three judges found to be biased in the often-delayed trial of a former SS medic who served at the Auschwitz death camp.

30 years after Edwards v. Aguillard: Here’s why creationism still lingers in America’s public schools

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Edwards v. Aguillard, a groundbreaking case that ruled it unconstitutional to require creationism to be taught in public schools. Though much has...

Chris Connor, Jim Nash, Tony Weber being inducted into Cleveland Advertising Hall of Fame

The three honorees are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to advertising over their careers, as well as for advancing the industry's standards, creative excellence, and responsibility in areas of social...

Philando Castile verdict and video serve as grim reminders: Black lives really don’t matter — and too many white people are silent or complicit

Nothing about the Castile verdict is surprising — but it points to enduring, uncomfortable truths about America

The complete guide to grilling without a grill in your sad apartment kitchen

For many of us, the start of summer in the US conjures up nostalgic thoughts of a great American pastime: backyard barbecues. But what if…

MIT and Google researchers have made AI that can link sound, sight, and text to understand the world

If we ever want future robots to do our bidding, they’ll have to understand the world around them in a complete way—if a robot hears…

UAE: Arab states don't seek 'regime change' in Qatar

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A top United Arab Emirates official says the Arab countries isolating Qatar do not seek to force out the country's leadership but are willing to cut ties with it if it does not agree to...