A rocket of a warning on SEAL suicides

A rocket of a warning on SEAL suicides

“They are from the same platoon and suffering the same overexposure to combat,” writes retired SEAL officer Ed Hiner.

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John Walker Lindh, Detainee #001 in the Global War On Terror, Will Go Free In Two Years. What Then?

In leaked correspondence from prison, the ‘American Taliban’ refuses to renounce terrorism, says he wants to move to Ireland.

Yes, there are times when it’s better for a country to be neutral than to be your ally

That seems counterintuitive. After all, in war, you need all the friends you can get, right?

A skipper’s thoughts on the Fitzgerald

Final judgments on causes and blame will have to wait completion of the investigation, but there’s sufficient information to raise some early questions.

Tough Demands on Qatar Unlikely to Resolve Diplomatic Fight

Qatar, meanwhile, maintains there is no basis to the other Arab states' claims.

I Fled the Islamic State’s ‘Caliphate’ in Raqqa — But Fear Its Liberators

The Arab residents of my hometown are trading their jihadist tormenters for Kurdish rulers they don't entirely trust.