Mali jihadi attack at resort kills 5 outside capital

Mali jihadi attack at resort kills 5 outside capital

Jihadis attacked a hotel resort Sunday in Mali's capital, taking hostages at a spot popular with foreigners on the weekends. More than 30 people managed to escape though at least two people were killed, authorities said.

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Driver arrested in chase that killed 2 involving allegedly stolen dirt bike

At some point after the dirt bike was reported stolen, Suffolk County police said the owner of the dirt bike spotted two young men on the stolen bike, and chased after them in his minivan. This ended in a crash on Montauk Highway...

11-year-old girl attacked by 2 dogs near bus stop

Authorities say Jaelyn Rodriguez was attacked by two bull mastiffs near her home on Yonkers Avenue just after 7 a.m.

Family files claim against coroner after man wrongfully ID'd as dead

An Orange County family buried whom they thought was their loved one, but found out days later that he was still alive and it may have been a coroner mix-up.

College student missing 20 years after she left coffee shop

Two decades ago, college student Kristen Modafferi left her job at a San Francisco coffee shop, never to be seen again.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman returns from North Korea, speaks on Otto Warmbier

American college student Otto Warmbier was laid to rest Thursday. Thousands paid their respects to the young man who died after 17 months in captivity in North Korea.