Judge Hearing Nevada Bid for Recreational Pot Sales July 1

Judge Hearing Nevada Bid for Recreational Pot Sales July 1

Nevada's marijuana regulators are working furiously to launch recreational sales on July 1, a fast-approaching deadline that could hinge on a court deciding whether the powerful liquor industry should be guaranteed a piece...

House Panel Backs Bill to Revive Nevada Nuclear Waste Dump

A House committee has approved a bill that would revive the mothballed nuclear waste dump at Nevada's Yucca Mountain, while also moving forward with a separate plan for a temporary storage site in New Mexico or Texas.

After Heller Fiasco, Group Flies Correct Name Over West Virginia

A women's political advocacy group has taken two tries to fly the correct U.S. senator's name over West Virginia after a mix-up that had Charleston residents scratching their heads.

GOP Health Care Flap Sparks Vegas Rally

About 40 people on Tuesday gathered at the bridge near a pair of casinos owned by Republican donor Sheldon Adelson urging Republican U.S. Sen. Dean Heller to continue to oppose the current GOP health care bill.

Countdown clock to stay: Aldermen approve public participation rules

The Rules Committee agreed to limit public participation at City Council meetings to three minutes per person, 30 minutes overall, despite complaints.

A Quick Word From: The Mayor in ‘Jaws’ Running for Re-Election the Following Summer

Hello, people of Amity! Thank you for coming out today. I know that this campaign has mostly focused on that time last summer I refused to close the beaches and let several people be eaten by a shark.