Heat emergency activated as temperatures climb in Washington

Heat emergency activated as temperatures climb in Washington

The action means that the District’s cooling centers have been opened.

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Trump's pledge to keep the world from laughing at us hits another setback

Trump's commerce secretary got his mic cut at a German conference to laughter and applause.

Trump official celebrates a new Samsung factory that was planned before the election

Company had been thinking of setting up shop in South Carolina for three years

GOP health-care bill could strip public schools of billions for special education

Superintendents are raising alarms about the impact of shrinking Medicaid.

From destruction to cholera, Yemen war brings disasters

More than two years of civil war have led to continually compounding disasters in Yemen. Fighting rages on in a deadly stalemate. The economy has been bombed into ruins. Hunger is widespread, and a new misery has been added: the...

India approves plan to sell stake in national airline

India’s Cabinet has approved a plan to sell a stake in the debt-ridden national airline, Air India.