GOP state senator comes out in support of Child Victims Act

GOP state senator comes out in support of Child Victims Act

“If it comes to the floor, I’ll support any of the versions that are out there,” Sen. James Tedisco (R-Schnectady) told the Daily News.

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Sally Yates rips Jeff Sessions for criminal justice reform stance

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates resurfaced on Friday to criticize the Department of Justice’s stance on criminal justice reform.

State Department's anti-Semitism office will soon be unstaffed

The State Department's office to monitor and combat anti-Semitism will soon be abandoned.

GOP lawmakers want more security after baseball practice shooting

House Republicans want more money to protect themselves from potentially deadly attacks like the one on a GOP baseball practice.

President Trump says his story about Comey tapes 'never changed'

President Trump claimed that his "story" about whether he recorded his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey "never changed."

Obama White House 'choked' on response to Russian interference

A top Obama administration official has acknowledged that the White House "choked" in its efforts to respond to interference by Russia.