Did The Supreme Court Just Approve A Big FU To The Trademark Community?

Did The Supreme Court Just Approve A Big FU To The Trademark Community?

The bottom line for entrepreneurs is this: if your business has been using suggestive or provocative language, and your lawyer has been telling you that you won’t be able to get federal registration, today is the day to consider...

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Medtronic Increases Dividend, Is It Enough?

Medtronic plc (MDT) announced today that they are increasing the dividend by 7% to an annualized yield of 2.1%. As a dividend aristocrat it has a great track record of paying and increasing dividends, but does this make MDT...

Biggest Steals Of The 2017 NBA Draft

Some things in life just aren't fair. The Warriors getting one of the Biggest steals in the NBA Draft? Watch out NBA.

Here's How Europe's Russian Sanctions Differ From Washington's

Europe extended sanctions on parts of Ukraine and on Russian banks, but Washington thinks they do not go far enough.

When Investment Diversification Fails

Investment diversification is more complicated than most people think, and often investors expect it to do more than it can. Here are a few diversification rules that will help you meet your investment needs.

Most CEOs Can't Lead A Digital Transformation

Companies are struggling to find the right leadership, as evidenced by CEO exists at GE and Ford. Most established leaders don't have the clock speed to lead business model transformation in the digital age.