Did Trump get big tax refunds after 2005?

Did Trump get big tax refunds after 2005?

Leaked pages of Trump’s 2005 tax return show he paid a hefty amount of taxes. But returns for the following years, which remain secret, would show if he got it all back in hefty refunds.

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Meet the Orwells, trying to make it big in a music industry turned upside-down

Breaking through today means going viral, scoring “syncs” and vying for attention in a system tilted toward the Drakes and Rihannas.

Sears says it will close 20 more stores

The move is called “yet another sign that Sears’ business model no longer works.”

Bill Clinton Addressing Nation’s Mayors In Miami Beach

Former President Bill Clinton is set to talk as hundreds of mayors convene on Miami Beach for the U.S. Conference of Mayors 85th Annual Meeting.

Some scientists have been their own guinea pigs in the lab

Self-experimentation has produced some major discoveries — and mishaps.

Physician couple toilet-trains newborn, skips diapers

Worried about the environment, they spent a lot of time holding their baby over a toilet.